Javascript Common issues with CRM

Important random notes you need to be cautious about when developing client side script for CRM forms.

  1. Always make sure the URL of the page is not localhost (Should be the server name). If you have a script code into which there is a reference to the current address of the page, then the use of ‘localhost’ will not work and will cause unexpected behaviour from your code.
  2. If a subgrid is not showing on a form. Or you are getting the annoying microsoft error message with “Do not send” or “Send” message every now and then. Always make sure the browser settings are set to support XMLHTTP.
    • Internet Options->Advanced->Under Security check Enable Native XMLHTTP Support.
  3. If you are ever using JQuery for cross site calls, and you are getting error “Service call failed: 0 – No Transport”, then make sure you are using jquery1.4 and not a higher version. However, this might not be a correct advice as more jquery versions are released since this note was taken.
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