SQL get optionset details

The followin SQL can be used to retrieve information about optionsets in all entitesSELECT  EntityView.Name AS EntityName, LocalizedLabelView_1.Label AS EntityDisplayName,
AttributeView.Name AS AttributeName, LocalizedLabelView_2.Label AS AttributeDisplayName,
AttributeTypes.Description as Type,
FROM    LocalizedLabelView AS LocalizedLabelView_2
INNER JOIN       AttributeView
ON LocalizedLabelView_2.ObjectId = AttributeView.AttributeId
RIGHT OUTER JOIN       EntityView
INNER JOIN       LocalizedLabelView AS LocalizedLabelView_1 ON EntityView.EntityId = LocalizedLabelView_1.ObjectId
ON       AttributeView.EntityId = EntityView.EntityId
INNER JOIN attributetypes on AttributeView.AttributeTypeId = AttributeTypes.AttributeTypeId
INNER JOIN StringMap on StringMap.ObjectTypeCode = EntityView.ObjectTypeCode and StringMap.AttributeName = AttributeView.Name
WHERE   LocalizedLabelView_1.ObjectColumnName = ‘LocalizedName’ AND LocalizedLabelView_2.ObjectColumnName = ‘DisplayName’
AND LocalizedLabelView_1.LanguageId = ‘1033’ AND LocalizedLabelView_2.LanguageId = ‘1033’
AND AttributeTypes.Description in(‘picklist’,’state’,’status’)
ORDER BY EntityDisplayName, AttributeName

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